In Search of Test Knitters and Crocheters

Day 08

Tester knitters and crocheters have been on my mind lately. It’s not too surprising because I’m in the process of getting a pattern tech edited, but I’ve also had a lot of people express interest in testing some of my designs. I realized that I didn’t have an easy way to keep track of people who are interested in test knitting or crocheting so I made a questionnaire for testers that you kind find here. If you’d like to test knit or crochet for me in the future, you can copy the questions into an email, fill them out, and send them to me. I’ll save the answers, and when I have a pattern in need of testing that matches your interests, I’ll email you to see if you would want to test it. Easy, right?







4 responses to “In Search of Test Knitters and Crocheters”

  1. A little off-topic, but how did you find your tech editor, and what has your experience been with tech-editing in general?

    I’m wondering how a designer finds an editor that’s a good fit…

    1. That’s not off topic at all! I posted an ISO Tech Editor post in the Indy Pattern Designer group on Ravelry, and I got about a half dozen PMs with rates and references. I picked the editor that sounded like she suited my needs best ().

      I’m awful at editing my own work so I see a tech editor as invaluable. On top of the usual errors, I’m still pretty new at designing so I always appreciate having someone else look over my work and recommend better ways to phrase things or point out when something is too vague.

  2. My initial reaction was ‘yeah, could test something’, then I got to the question about how long things take, and realised I have negative free time.

    This week I’ve only managed to knit a few rounds on my cowl because I get to sit on a train for half an hour in the morning. bliss!!

  3. dude, that is so clever to have a questionnaire to make a good match! What an awesome idea.

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