I had a surprisingly difficult time finding notions for this sweater so it sat around for awhile. In California I could just run out to the local craft store that’s five minutes from my parents’ house and find everything I needed in one spot. I didn’t live in a big city, but it was easy to buy notions. I expected it would be even easier in Seattle. Oh, how I was wrong about that!


Luckily some of the ladies in my knitting group Purlygirls helped me out, and I managed to get buttons and a zipper. I sat down this weekend and sewed on my zipper. That wasn’t too difficult, but it was kind of tedious. I don’t think I’ll be designing another cardigan with a zip any time soon.


So there you have it! My first crocheted sweater design. In case you were wondering, I did write up a pattern for this, but it probably won’t be out for a long time. My computer with the programs I use to put together patterns is off being repaired because it keeps dying. Hopefully it will be back and working soon because I’m starting to develop a pile of patterns that need charts and to be laid out in a PDF!


  • I love it. What a fantastic cardigan/jacket. It really suits you. I know the zipper was tedious but I love what smooth lines they give along the front. I don’t like it when buttons gape, which they always seem to do with me unless I use a billion buttons. In the end zippers are the best option for me as it takes less time to sew it in than the sew on a billion buttons!

  • I loved this cardigan in its first form but it is better than now, I love it very very much, its color is already beautiful.
    I think I can’t sew the zipper.

  • What a great sweater! I haven’t done the zipper in a sweater thing yet – because I’m afraid I’ll make a mess of it! It does give it a smooth look though! I really like the button accents – they give it character!

  • The sweater is AMAZING! That zipper is perfect! Maybe by the time you release the pattern, I’ll feel more comfortable trying something like this 🙂

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