Slow work


I almost never go more than a day or two without knitting, but lately I’ve only been able to squeeze in a few rows here and there. I really thought I’d have this sleeve finished and the other one started by today, but here it is incomplete. It’s a little frustrating because I thought I would be finished with this sweater in April. Oh, well. That’s life.






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  1. It happens that way, sometimes, ya know? There are some weeks when my fingers work fast and I have all kinds of time. I finish an afghan in days. Then there are weeks where you’re lucky if you get half a sleeve knitted. Yeah. I get it.

  2. My knitting has gone pathetically slow lately. There are days where I don’t knit at all, which used to be unheard of. I’m trying to accept that it’s normal to go through cycles in my creativity, but I still hate it.

  3. It will be well worth the wait.

  4. But look at the fabulous sweater you are creating! You are awesome and inspire me to keep going! I seem to have no time to knit, and then pick big projects that after 4/5MONTHS(!) become an endurance test!
    Keep up the good work, hope you start to publish your patterns soon,

  5. I really like your cardi and I especially like the way it has a nipped in waist. Sure you’ll get there in the end. Will be worth it.

  6. Looks like it coming together nicely. I have lately been thinking that I definitely have to learn how to knit a sweater or cardi from top and down.

  7. This sweater will so be worth the wait. It is one of my favorites of your creations!

  8. I completely understand. Some weeks just fly by with little crafting, which is frustrating. I hope you get to hunker down and finish soon. It is and will be a fabulous sweater. So Andi!

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