What have I been doing lately?


Not knitting, unfortunately.







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  1. Oh I have never been a fan of Dickens. My boyfriend’s degree is in English literature and I remember he was once trying to get ahead, during the holidays, of the syllabus, by making a head start on Moby Dick. I don’t think he got far! Good luck with whatever you’re studying for!

  2. Me too…. I totally feel ya. I wish there was a word to capture that noise when you breathe out with your lips closed and they kinda flap together. That

  3. I so feel your pain. Just finished my final projects on Tuesday night so I have a 2-week break and then I’m back in again (sigh). Best of luck!

  4. I may have let an “Ugh” escape my lips when I saw that pile of books. Reading for school really sucks the fun out of reading.

  5. I love George Eliot! I’ve never been able to finish Moby Dick though. I wish I had been assigned it in school so I would’ve been forced to read it. Now it’s hard to work up the motivation!

  6. I’ve been planning on reading Moby Dick some day ^.^
    Reading alot too at the momen, but less heavy literature!

  7. Love Melville, but Dickens kills me. Good luck!

  8. My sympathies. I just finished an English B.A. so I feel your pain. I do have a soft spot for Melville though, if only because the writing sample that got me into grad school was on Moby Dick. I feel like it’s one of those books that’s intellectually stimulating but not amazingly pleasant to read. Good luck!

    P.S. I just finished my own Agatha and I love it! Such a nice pattern : )

  9. Great books you’re reading! I’m a huge Dickens fan … enjoy 🙂

  10. Lisa S.

    Good luck tomorrow, Andi.

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