3KCBWDay4 – A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?


Once upon a time, I used to be a seasonal knitter. I’d knit in the fall and the winter, but when warm weather came around I’d leave my needles to sew. As I became more and more interested in knitting, it started to creep into my spring and summer craft time. I’d work on small portable projects like a hat or a headband in between sewing projects.


And then I started to design and I pretty much stopped sewing. Summer time became design time. While I design and knit my samples during all seasons, I do most of my editing and formatting work in the summer. It feels too much like school work so I tend to put it off until after the end of spring semester.


Despite my craft time becoming work time as summer comes around, I still try to squeeze in the occasional warm weather project. I like being able to wear my knits year round, even if my token knit is just a narrow belt. This summer is going to be my first summer in Washington state and I’m actually going to be able to wear sweaters during the summer. I’m weirdly excited about that.







5 responses to “3KCBWDay4 – A Knitter or Crocheter For All Seasons?”

  1. Wow, just gorgeous! And I love that belt!

  2. Adorable patterns! Super cute. Gonna have to feature your patterns on my site. 🙂 Adding you to my feed reader.


  3. I love all that you made!!! Your pics are beautiful! Bravo

  4. I love your colors and your style and your patterns! LOVE them!!

  5. Damn, you look stunning! Love the red/white top!

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