3KCBWDay1 – Colour Lovers

I decided at the last minute to participate in the 3rd Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. For more details click the little graphic up there! Today’s topic is color.


I’m a bit of a color fanatic. I have a very colorful wardrobe, but I used to avoid equally colorful knits because I was afraid that I wouldn’t get as much wear out of them.


I spend so much time knitting my sweaters that I wanted them to be sophisticated subdued colors that I could wear forever. This completely ignored the fact that loud colors make me happiest and are what I generally end up wearing.


I managed to shake the habit of buying yarn in colors I don’t wear last year and I’ve knit these colorful sweaters. I’m hoping to keep knitting loud bright sweaters this year because they fit nicely in my wardrobe and get worn all the time. If I ever decide that I need more sophisticated colored sweaters I can always knit more, right?







13 responses to “3KCBWDay1 – Colour Lovers”

  1. Faye

    beautiful! I love the first one 🙂 You take lovely photos too!

  2. Love all your bright colors! Lovely lovely sweaters.

  3. You are such an amazing knitter. I am very “green” of your sweaters. I’ve been knitting for like 40 years and I haven’t successfully knit a sweater yet!

    These bold colors look great on you!

  4. So true! I actually love the bold colors you use. It is an inspiration for the rest of us to get away from the drab :).

  5. you also happen to look really amazing in bright colours so its a win win!

  6. I love the shades of red you’ve made your sweaters in. It’s my favorite color to wear.

  7. You look great in bright colors! I especially love the boat/scoop neckline on the second sweater. Wish more designers would write up those necklines. So flattering!

  8. Yay for color, I’m a huge color junkie too! ^.^
    Your sweaters look absolutely amazing

  9. I love the colors you used! The sweaters all look amazing! 😀

  10. Bright is definitely the way to go and your work is lovely. If ‘loud’ makes you happy then what better reason do you need!!

    Nice to meet you during blog week!

    B x

  11. These sweaters are exquisite. My favorite is the red one on top. Wish it was mine!

  12. Beautiful sweaters, and those reds are just gorgeous!

  13. Karen/Pixie

    I love the bright bright colors too. I save my Boden catalogs for ideas on new ways to combine bright colors. My favorite color is medium to dark pink because I can’t look at it and not be happy. Spring green too. Ahhh joy!

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