You know that woodworking rule of thumb? Measure twice, cut once? Knitting rarely involves significant cutting because yarn is easy to graft back together, but I think I need to start paying more attention to the measure twice part when it comes to pattern writing.

Day 01

I finished the hip shaping and started the ribbing on my sweater, but I decided to try things on and see how things were going. And how were things going? Things were short. I laid my sweater flat and it was a few inches short, more than it should have been if I had finished the ribbing. I measured my sweater gauge to see if I had skipped some rows or if the gauge was the problem. It was the gauge. I crossed my fingers that my yarn grew when I washed it so I measured my swatch again. It matched my sweater. I measured a larger section of my gauge. It still matched my sweater. It turns out that I calculated and knit the whole thing with the wrong vertical gauge. I measured wrong in the beginning (probably across color work rows where my gauge gets weird) and I didn’t bother measuring a second time. It looks like there will be some frogging in my future.


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