I had a creative assignment for my Herman Melville class. We had to creatively interpret a scene or theme from Moby Dick. I didn’t have enough time to knit something, but that wasn’t going to stop me from doing something crafty! Inspired by Checkout Girl, I made these companion applique pieces


I chose the scene where Pip gets knocked out of a whaling boat and left behind while the others pursue the whales. There are some academic explanations for why I picked this scene and laid it out on two hoops, but I’ll spare you because I need to write it in essay form later tonight.


Here’s Pip. I did this hoop first so I had a few struggles. Luckily I was working with fairly thick 100% wool felt so I could use some discrete needle felting to touch up on small details like Pip’s thumbs.


I’m really happy with the whaling boat. I drew it out on Illustrator and then printed it to use as a pattern to cut my felt. I embroidered the details. It’s not too shabby for my first real attempts at applique and embroidery


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