Not As Pretty As I Hoped

While I was knitting away on my current sweater, my brain started to wander to future sweaters and patch pockets. I was trying to think of a way to make patch pockets seamlessly and it occurred to me that I might be able to make that work with short rows and decreases. I grabbed the nearest yarn and free bit of knitting (my current sweater swatch), and gave my idea a try.


It’s not as pretty as I had hoped. I had to knit down one side to get to the bottom to start the shorts rows. The side I knit down stands out from the fabric and the side I didn’t knit across before the short rows has sloppy looking decreases. I don’t think the idea is completely without potential, but it’s definitely going to take a bit more work to get it right.






6 responses to “Not As Pretty As I Hoped”

  1. Yes, but you’ve got the idea manifest and your work now is easy;)

  2. It could look better on a larger scale too. The pocket definitely has potential.

  3. Lisa S.

    Try double knitting instead. The pocket seams are practically invisible. On the first pocket row, knit 2 in each stitch, on the next row, separate into pocket and sweater. At the sides, k2tog (1 pocket st & one sweater st) without dropping the stitches (you can get away with knitting the edges together every other row).

    Lisa S. on Seattle

    1. I usually knit from the top down so I wouldn’t have too many opportunities to try that, but that does give me some other ideas for pocket construction to play with. Thanks!

  4. It’s a really interesting idea. I love that you share your process of designing. It’s very inspiring, Andi!

  5. kplumer

    I was knitting on Miette this evening and the idea came to me on pockets. While you are knitting and have your yarn on both needles, when you come to the part you want to add a pocket, could you pick up stitches from your left needle with a dpn (keeping your original stitches on the needles. Then work your pocket from there up? I guess that may be the same amount of work as making a pocket & stitching it on, but it’s a new idea and that’s how methods are created. I am at the end of the page on Miette & ready to work the body length. Woo hoo, it’s looking great and the lowered darts are working fine. kim

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