Short puff sleeves are kind of deceptive. You think they’ll be quick to knit because they’re short, but any time you save from the length is lost in the volume. I finished the first set of increases and the number of stitches wasn’t so bad, but then I read ahead. The sleeves get almost as big as the body of the sweater! I was working both sleeves at the same time so each row took a long time. Progress was slow.


But I wanted my stupid needles back so I kept going and eventually I had this lovely pile of pieces. I’m waiting to block all of the pieces before I sew everything together. I’m not looking forward to the seaming. I’m already not a huge fan of sewing seams, but I don’t usually mind it. This sweater is not going to be fun to seam. I have to gather the sleeve head and ease it in evenly so this isn’t going to be the easiest sewing job.


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