Orange Update

I finished the body and today I’m hoping to get started on the sleeves. I haven’t worked out the math for those yet so I’m not sure if I’ll actually get to do any knitting today, but I’m hopeful.


I like how the body turned out, but it’s not entirely what I planned. I was over cautious with the neckline because I didn’t want it to be restrictive after I add the neck band and now it’s a bit deeper than what I intended. I like it despite that, but it means that I can’t play around with a funnel neck like I was hoping to. Funnel necks have been on my brain lately even though I’m fairly convinced that I’m not built right to pull one off. I had been planning on putting one of the sweater to see what it looked like and then ripping back and doing a normal ribbed neck band.

Day 24

I really need to come up with a name for this sweater. I was thinking of naming it after a character from Nero Wolfe because I was watching A&E’s Nero Wolfe when I sketched and swatched for this, but Lily Rowan is kind of the only female character in those. Any suggestions would be welcome.






11 responses to “Orange Update”

  1. Oooh, I love it! So incredibly cute! Are you going to write up the pattern for the rest of us?

    1. I wasn’t sure it it was going to write this as a pattern when I was struggling to get the cable placements right, but now I think I probably will.

  2. Christie

    The color reminds me of a Jayne Cobb hat. Maybe Serenity? Something else may be more apt if it’s been a pain in the ass!

  3. looking ferosh! get it.

  4. It looks great so far and the fit is perfect. I agree with Christie, it’s coloring is similar to Jayne’s hat.

  5. It turning out great!

  6. Hi!
    I like the neckline lower- I do think it’s more flattering 🙂 I just started knitting and I would dream to be as proficient as you! ^_^

  7. That neckline is way better for wearing necklaces & etc. I don’t know. Funnel necks just remind me of the unfortunate “mock neck” trend from the 90’s.

    Gosh that orange is gorgeous.

  8. You know what… I really dig it as a vest! …maybe you could finish it off as a vest??

    1. Vests need slightly different armhole shaping. Unless I happened to mess that up, it’s hard to just convert a sweater into a vest without it looking a little silly.

  9. Wow! Absolutely stunning!

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