Pure Laziness

I was motoring along on my orange pull over and I got to the point where I cast on the underarms to join everything in the round. I worked a round or two and then I noticed that my knitting was strangely twisted. I figured that I had joined it in the round wrong so I ripped back a few rounds and tried to straighten things out. I kept twisting my knitting around and around and it stayed strange. I finally realized that I had joined the neckline with the shoulders twisted. I didn’t want to frog the front yet again, so I picked apart the stitches I had picked up and put them on stitch holder.


I left them dangling for awhile, but they got annoying so I sewed the top of the sleeve back up. I didn’t do a proper grafting job so they’re not perfectly identical. The one under my thumb is the slapped together seam. The stitches on the front lay strangely, but I don’t think it’s too noticeable. I’m thinking of just leaving it like that because I’m lazy and I want to get the body finished this week instead of fussing over a small detail.






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  1. Oh I did that with my first top down that was not a raglan (Wendy Bernard’s Fad Classic)! I’ve taken to actually casting on at the shoulder and then picking up stitches along the edge for the front– I rather like the neat little seam it makes & then I don’t have to fiddle with grafting stitches. It’s a nice stabilizer for larger/heavier sweaters, too.

    1. I did CO the back and pick up stitches for the front. It’s much sturdier than a grafted seam, but I twisted things around when I CO and joined the front neckline to make this a pull over so I had to take apart one shoulder. Seaming was the only option there.

  2. It’s a neat design element. 😉

  3. Maybe it will turn out to be a happy accident & (like the above poster said) a design element? 🙂

    1. Well, it’s only one shoulder like that and it’s not very noticeable so I don’t think it works as a design element.

  4. haha. this is my life. ugh. just leave it. no one will know.

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