It snowed this weekend so I spent most of my time hiding in my room with my knitting. I made good progress on my latest sweater project, but sadly half of it is getting frogged. The back is plain stockinette and it’s going to stay that way, but the front has to go.


The cables require more stitches than plain stockinette because they gather in so I had to add extra stitches to the front. I accommodated those stitches poorly so the neckline is loose and strange before the cables start to tug everything in.

I also need to rethink my cable layout because it is too narrow to visually balance the stockinette around it. I need to add more cables, spread them out more or do both. The sweater is just too bland right now.

In case you were wondering, I’m using a construction method similar to Agatha. The method is really quick to knit above the armpits so it shouldn’t take me too long to redo the front once I decide what to do.


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