Knitting Progress


My cardigan is going surprisingly quickly. On Christmas Eve I accidentally cut my left middle finger with a dull serrated knife. I thought that would kill all of my knitting plans because it seemed like everything I did hurt. Strangely, knitting didn’t hurt because I barely use that finger to knit. I can’t do any high speed knitting, but I can knit at a regular pace.


I spent a lot of time knitting over the past couple of days. The waist shaping went quickly and the body didn’t take very long to knit. I reached a point where the sweater was long enough for a cropped length and I was really tempted to start the ribbing. If I made the sweater short I knew I would definitely get it done before January, but I forced myself to continue on and the sweater is a nice full length.


I have the sleeves and button band left. I just finished the first repeat on the first sleeve. I don’t think I’m going to get this sweater done before New Years with my injured finger, but that’s not the end of the world. It was a rather arbitrary goal anyways.






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