Red Cardigan

I had been planning on knitting a full length version of my blue cardigan  and I decided to try writing up a pattern for the sweater, too. As I struggled with grading, I kept putting off casting on so the sweater would accurately reflect the pattern. Though the sweater is very simple, it wasn’t going to be a simple pattern. The combination of a large stitch pattern and a seamless raglan construction made pattern writing a nightmare. In the back of my mind I knew that the pattern would never work out easily and when my computer died I finally threw in the towel on writing this pattern because I wanted something to knit. The pattern just wasn’t worth the effort. I wanted to be wearing this sweater, not agonizing over sizing.


This is an exact duplication of my blue cardigan, but I plan on making the sweater full length. Since my hips are the same width as my bust and I’m knitting this to my own measurements instead of standard ones, I just have to reverse the bust shaping to get my hip shaping. Very simple. It’s a little maddening that the sweater is so easy to knit in my size but so difficult to grade.


I’ve just finished the yoke and started in on my second skein of yarn. This design is insanely quick to knit. I’m hoping to finish my sweater before the end of the month for a rather silly reason. If I don’t get this one done I will have knit more sweaters last year than this year. If I can get this one finished than it will be a tie. I have an arbitrary goal of knitting more sweaters each year than the last and this will be the first time that I didn’t make it happen.






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