Stress Knitting

Last week, finals week, my computer decided it would be a nice time to die. There was much lost-essay related panic, but when I got over that I realized that I had lost access to all of my online crafty stuff as well. Despite that, or maybe because of that, I managed to get a strange amount of knitting done.


Early on in the week I started working on my Such Flattering Puff Sleeves sleeves again. I had cast on for them ages ago, but I lost interest when the weather got too cold for short sleeves. I have a hard time getting myself to finish garments that I won’t be able to wear immediately. I happened to pick the sleeves up and start working on them while my dad tried to trouble shoot my computer problems over the phone. I’m knitting them two at a time so I don’t get second sleeve syndrome, but that does make them take a bit longer. I got through a couple inches of the sleeves before I lost interest again.

In case you were wondering, I rewrote my essay in time and my dad and I managed to repair my laptop once I got home for break. Yay!






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