Granny Squares

I’m not sure when this happened, but granny squares have become my procrastination craft of choice. I worked up a handful of these squares while working on an essay proposal earlier this week. I have a vague plan for what I’m going to make them into, but I’m not sure if I want to use this yarn for that.


The yarn is Malabrigo sock that someone gave to me. I really like the colors, but I’m not a huge variegated yarn fan. I’m debating what to do. I might switching to a solid colored yarn and maybe use this for an edging (or not at all). I also might just continue on with this yarn and then make a second project with solid yarn if I like my FO. I have quite a few essays coming up that I can procrastinate on with granny squares.






9 responses to “Granny Squares”

  1. Gorgeous grannies!

  2. I know what you mean about variegated yarn, but those little squares look great

  3. Emma

    I think it would be nice to have these as part of a blanket/cushion cover, interspersed with solid colour squares in similar shades.

  4. I think they look cute, and the variegation doesn’t offend me like it does on most other things.

    Oh and happy Thanksgiving, which I shall simply assume you are celebrating 😉

    1. Andi

      Thank you! I had a nice Thanksgiving.

  5. Grannies are great for procrastination since you can work on them mindlessly.

  6. Lisa S.

    I was hoping for some Thanksgiving pictures of Fat Dog.

    1. Andi

      I left my camera at school so no Bean pictures. Sorry.

  7. Those granny squares are really pretty in the variegated yarn. A linen stitch scarf using a variegated yarn or two along with a solid, in sock weight can look gorgeous. It’s hard to see progress, but it could be a good procrastination tool.

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