So Close!

I have one body, two sleeves, and 1.5 front bands. I told myself that I was going to finish the sweater over the weekend, but clearly that didn’t happen. Today I decided that I’m going to finish my sweater this week so I dug out the buttons I had picked out so I could calculate my button holes. I added length so I can’t simply follow the pattern.


When I dug out the crinkly paper bag that my buttons were in it hit me how long I’ve been telling myself that I was going to finish this sweater soon. I bought these buttons almost a year ago while I was still studying abroad in England. I went to stay with family in York over American Thanksgiving weekend last November and I picked these out at Duttons for Buttons because I thought I was going to finish my sweater soon. Oh, how wrong I was!

But seriously, I am going to finish my sweater soon.






8 responses to “So Close!”

  1. I hate to think of how long ago I started my audrey in unst! I think I’ll just restart it with a better yarn! Or maybe not? It actually is a good cotton yarn that’s been frogged a couple of times. I’m getting close to being done with my shalder. I’ve re knitted the lace at the neckline more times than I want to admit…but 4 rows to go! Then the edging…that should be interesting. Need to find the pattern again! And I’m not even in school! (I do work though)

  2. I’m rooting for you. I’m sure it will be done before the weather gets hot.

  3. I thought you were back in England again… no?
    YOU CAN DO IT!! You’re so close to finishing!!

    1. Andi

      I was only in England for the year. I did a year abroad and now I’m back at my normal university in Washington state.

  4. No wonder you talked yourself into buying buttons if you were in York. I wish I’d been a crafter when I lived there Duttons is amazing!

  5. You’re so close! It looks amazing, and how special to have souvenir buttons!

  6. Finish, finish!! Maybe you’ll be my inspiration to finish the two nearly done sweaters in my UFO pile!

  7. Soooo? Where is it then eh? Has the weather not let it dry yet? *waits anxiously*

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