Last Minute Crafting

Tonight’s crafting time will be spent trying to finish my Halloween costume. I still need to crochet up a few pieces to pull everything together.


This is the first time in a long time that I’ve had a crafty costume. I usually go for make-up based costumes. Are you making your costume? Have you finished?







4 responses to “Last Minute Crafting”

  1. I can relate! I just finished making an indian costume out of t-shirs dyed with coffee. Can’t wait to see your finished costume!

  2. The costume I’m wearing is one I made for Comic Con (Storm from X-men). But I’ll be doing a photoshoot with a friend for a few hours. Can’t wait to see your finished costume!

  3. I made a poodle skirt for my 10 yr old. I had made one years ago for the 19 yr old, but we couldn’t find it! At least I still had the pattern!

  4. No costume for me but I did run out of yarn for T’s. My only chance of finishing is if it arrives in the mail monday 🙁
    Are you going to be cruella??

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