Ever since I taught some of my friends to knit hanging out has turned into hanging out and knitting. I was super productive all of last week and I got to the ribbing on the sleeve of my Audrey In Unst Friday night. I was really excited to post my finished sleeve on Monday, but then reality hit me. I had a really long paper due Monday and I spent my entire weekend working on it. “Whatever!” I thought, “I’ll have it finished by Wednesday!” And then I realized that I had a proposal due later this week for a big project for class. I like to imagine that I can knit on a schedule, but that really doesn’t work well with school.


Sp, here I am on Wednesday with one row left on my sleeves and a finished essay and proposal. I am finishing this sleeve tonight. It’s going to happen.


You might remember my on going sleeve length dilemma. The sleeve that’s still on the needles is one repeat shorter so the ribbing starts just below the fold my elbow. I finally remembered why I made the first sleeve a repeat longer. I had been worried that the ribbing would start above the fold of my elbow and that would be weird and uncomfortable. I think I might have made the ribbing shorter than the pattern intended to balance out the extra repeat so the first sleeve is the intended length. Looking in the mirror I preferred the shorter sleeve, but now that I’m looking at these pictures I’m not so sure.


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