Dead Alive

Dead Alive, also known as Braindead outside the States, was directed by Peter Jackson and has to be one of the goriest movies I have ever seen. Despite the gore, it is hilarious and not particularly scary. It’s one of my favorite zombie movies.

The movie takes place in the 50s and has some great costumes including a few good knits. There is some beautiful fair isle and a few adorable cardigans. Sadly, they all end up drenched in bright red fake blood so you have to ogle the knits while you can during the beginning of the movie. The gore is over the top and very stylized, but I wouldn’t recommend the movie if you get grossed out easily.






  1. Have you seen Dead Snow? In one scene, a character is wearing a t-shirt with a scene from Braindead on it. And because it’s Norwegian — fantastic knitwear.

    1. Andi

      I haven’t! People keep suggesting it to me so I ought to make a bigger effort to track it down.

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