I love bad horror movies and I frequently use the month of October as an excuse to inflict them on everyone else. I like to sit around with my friends, a giant bowl of Halloween Candy, and my knitting and watch bad movies. I thought I’d share some of our favorite movie choices. I was originally going to call this feature a month of horror, but then I realized that the movies I picked were more horrible than horrifying. I tend to go for campy horror more than the serious stuff.

To kick things off, lets start with my favorite movie about sheep: Black Sheep. I never can decide if they’re were-sheep or zombie sheep or zombie were-sheep, but it’s a fun movie. It’s very silly and a little gory. Sometimes when people see the trailer they think it’s just a parody trailer, but this is a real movie.

The availability of bad horror movies is probably my favorite thing about this month. Do you have any goofy October/Halloween traditions?


  • I can’t believe there is a sheep horror film. I wonder if there is a llama or alpaca horror film out there?

    My October tradition is to wear Halloween themed socks every day. I’ve got two weeks worth, so officially I don’t have to do sock laundry more than once during the month.

  • I haven’t seen that one, but I remember when it came out. Have to see it!

    I usually watch Nightmare Before Christmas several times a week in October. No, wait! I do that all year around… (Exaggerating slightly. But not by much.)

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