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The weather might not know it right now, but it’s the first day of fall. In my mind that means it’s the first day of proper knitting season. I have yarn for two big fall projects. At my current rate I probably will only get to one of them before winter, but that’s not the end of the world.

I’ve got a couple skeins of red Cascade 220 that’s destined to be a full length version of my blue cardigan. You read that right. I’m knitting a full length sweater. I keep starting projects that I intend to knit full length, but when I see them at waist length, I get too attached to how they look. I’m stating my intentions for everyone to read in the hopes that I actually follow through and knit something full length.

The orange Cascade 220 is the shade that I’ve been using for my Mini Series. I’ve gotten pretty fond of the color so I decided to knit a sweater out of it. That might be a horrible idea. My mom voiced her concern that it might clash with the red/purple tones of my hair, but I’m going to knit with it and hope that it looks okay. This is definitely going to be cropped. That’s not much of a surprise. I just haven’t decided if I want to make a cardigan or a pullover.

What are your fall knitting plans?






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  1. ohhh cropped pullover yes please!!

  2. Maybe if you had a bit of trim with the orange, it would be alright.

    As for me, the question is what am I not knitting. I’ve got a large circular shawl idea I’m trying to flush out. It’s taking awhile to build the graph so that I can actually design it though…

  3. I’m unreasonably excited about your blue cardigan made full-length and red… any chance there’ll be a pattern?

    As for my knitting plans, supposedly I’m knitting Laika (from Little Red in the City), but so far that’s been a series of unsuccessful swatches.

    (going back to silent lurking now)

  4. I like your blue cardigan very much! I think that it is just your style wearing little, feminine cardigans. But if you intend to knit something full length- I keep my fingers crossed!

    I’ve got huge fall plans. I plan to knit two cardigans for myself, about 4 shawls and some baby things.

  5. The photo on this post makes me want to go make words with my yarn!!!

    1. Andi

      Do try! It’s a bit of a challenge, but it’s quite fun.

  6. It makes me unreasonably happy to think about cooler temperatures. I’m hoping to knit a new sweater for myself this fall, at the very least!

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