I was digging through a box looking for a belt this morning when I ran across this. I finished it in August, but I packed it away with my other belts without remembering to photograph it before I moved.


I already own half a dozen black belts, but I felt the urge to knit one. I justified it by telling myself that my only black elastic belt is really wide and that obviously that meant I needed a narrower one!


The truth is that this yarn was sitting at my desk and I picked it up to play with it when I was in between projects. It’s a DK weight wool, alpaca, & silk blend. I happened to have a belt buckle on hand and I just ran with that.


The construction is basically the same as my summer belt, but this one is a few rows taller and I didn’t bother with the textured pattern. I didn’t think it would show up well with black.


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