That Pink Sweater

I’ve been working on my pink sweater while I read my homework, but I really need to find another project to work on in my free time. This sweater is just not that interesting for focused knitting time.


I’m having some problems with starting a new project. I have yarn for two projects, but they’re both worsted weight sweaters and it’s not cold enough for that yet. I can’t decide on anything or muster up any enthusiasm. It’s a little annoying.

I also only have 3 inches left on the body of this sweater so I feel like I should power through the boring stuff so I can start on the armhole shaping. I’m almost done with the 3rd skein on the body and I think the sweater will go by quickly once I finish the body.






6 responses to “That Pink Sweater”

  1. Plough through plough through!
    What about Audrey in Unst? Thats still a WIP isn’t it?

    1. Andi

      Hahaha! Yeah. That’s still lurking around here I think. I only have a sleeve left to knit. Maybe that’s what I should work on.

  2. I second that. Sometimes I feel more creative when a project that has been sitting around gets finished.

  3. Once you power through those last few pre-armhole inches, I bet that sweater is going to fly off the needles. In the meantime, it can be so frustrating to wait for inspiration to strike when you’re ready to start something new. When I’m at that stage I usually dig through my yarn stash and find some quick, cheerful accessory to make before I go onto the next sweater.

  4. Maybe a hat or something similar to restore the knitting love, quick and satisfying

  5. I like the advice for a quick accessory knit, but I know you’ll be thrilled when you finish this sweater!

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