Granny Squares

I worked up a bunch of granny squares this weekend. I still have a small pile that I need their ends woven in, but most of them are done. I’m trying to decide between making a purse like this one or a pillow. I’d use the purse a lot this summer, but a pillow would look nice on the couch in the house I’m living in next school year. They both use about the same number of squares. Well, I have some time to decide since both projects will require a bit of sewing and some hardware. I won’t do the construction stuff until I’m home for the summer.

I used leftover Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and my 5mm hook. I have a hard time making truly random things so my colors transition in the same order on every square.






  1. Now that is awesome. I am digging all the combos!

  2. It’s making my eyes go funny :p

  3. Woah, I agree with Steph.

    It *is* hard to be truly random. People have a natural tendency to create patterns one way or another, even if you try not to.

  4. Pillow! Also animated gif for the win!

  5. I love that minty green you’ve chosen!

  6. Such a cool gif!

  7. Uber-cuteness! I just picked up a copy of The Happy Hooker and am planning to teach myself crochet this summer so I can make some colorful throw blankets for the house. More inspiration for me.

  8. Whoa. Fast gif! Very fun. Before the end of the summer, I’d like to learn crochet.

  9. Ooo! I vote bag! Love the color, btw.

  10. Love the visuals on this post!

  11. Great idea for an animation – I’m not much of a crochet-er but I’m pretty inspired by this.

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