During my spring break I got a change to go visit two of my friends who are also studying abroad. Instead of buying the usual touristy souvenirs, I bought crafty stuff!


I bought the yellow gingham when I was in Paris. I’m going to make it into a summery full skirt. I’m trying to decide between making a circle skirt and having the gingham be tilted in some spots or making a skirt with a gathered waist so the gingham hangs straight.

I bought the hot pink 4 ply in Edinburgh. I’ve got about 1050 meters of it. I’m going to knit something from A Stitch in Time or A Stitch in Time Vol. 2 with it. A lot of those patterns use 4 ply so I just need to pick one and go with it. I want to knit pretty much everything in Vol. 1 and I imagine Vol. 2 will give me even more options.

I really just want to play with my new stuff, but I have to put myself in essay writing mode and I have exams coming up so I should also be studying. Barf.


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