Have I mentioned before that I love this stitch pattern? It’s stretchy. It’s reversible. It’s attractive. I still love it. In case you don’t remember, I adapted the stitch pattern from a sweater in A Very Long Engagement. I also named the hat and cowl after the main character. This is my second pattern named after a character from a Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie. I love his stuff.


This hat and cowl turned out to be the best of my cold weather gear. The cowl sits cozily around my neck and the hat can contain all of my hair if necessary. They protected me from the windy Lancaster weather and I love them for it. Plus, they just look pretty awesome.


You can read the basic details about the cowl here on Ravelry and you can read about the hat here. The pattern includes instructions for both the hat and cowl for $5 if you’d like to make your own. They’d look nice as a matched set if you knit them in identical colors, but you can also get a more subtly coordinated set like mine by using two colors.


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