Sleeve #1

I finally have a sleeve!!!!!!! I had to knit the sleeve cap four or fives times. The first time I wanted to try making puffy sleeves because I had been thinking about how one might go about doing seamless puffy sleeves. They turned out MASSIVE. They were ridiculously puffy. After that I tried to do just normal sleeve caps, but my math was lying to me (or I did it wrong) and I was picking up too many stitches so they kept turning out big and loose and ugly. I finally got it right and started to get some progress on my sleeves.


I measured the length wrong so I ended up having to rip back and shorten it a bit. I had underestimated how deep my armpit was when I measured. That wasn’t too horrible of a mistake. Now that I have made all of my mistakes on the first sleeve, the second should go pretty quickly without me having to rip back a million times.


The only thing that is bugging me is that I don’t think I like worsted weight wool sleeves with a little positive ease like this. I probably should have figured this out by now. I just don’t especially like the way it wrinkles when I move because the folds are so bulky. I need to remember that my sleeves need to be over the top large like on my Veronica, made of something that drapes better like finer weight wool or an alpaca blend, or they need to have zero or negative ease.

Apologies for having to use my flash. The pictures were just too dark without it.






5 responses to “Sleeve #1”

  1. It looks great! I understand your feeling iffy about a few things about it (despite how perfect it looks to me!). There’s a difference between something you can’t ignore and therefore must rip out and fix, and something that you will realize after a bit of wearing that it really isn’t a big deal and you’re perfectly happy with the garment. Although its hard to tell which is which at the moment of making…

  2. wow, this is looking amazing!! that colourwork is bloody incredible. Good luck with the sleeve!

  3. This sweater continues to make squee. I love it! I can see what you mean about the sleeves, it somehow feels like they don’t quite match the style of the body. But it’s delightful either way!

  4. Hi, Andi, I’m NiNa, I’been seen your blog and I loved them, is so amazing, I try to learn about knitting and i hope one day kniting the same like you! I’m brazilian girl and in twenties too. My English is too bad but a think you can understand. Congratulatios for your job it’s ( I missing worlds to explain ) …wonderful. Hugs..Nina

  5. The sweater is really coming along! I love the fit, and the cropped length.

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