Yesterday was so bright and sunny and nice that I found myself craving bright colors. I got some flowers for my room to make it feel a bit more like spring.


I had to buy some sunglasses when I was out because I didn’t bring any to England with me. I love when it is sunny, but I’m pretty wimpy about it. I always cake on the sunscreen and I have to wear sunglasses or I’m constantly squinting.


Today was back to the usual gloom (which I also really enjoy), but I’m stuck in spring mode. All I can think about are bright colors and lightweight knits. I have materials for another worsted weight long sleeve sweater here with me, but I keep thinking of spring knits instead. I’ve already ordered some yarn for a rather mad warm weather project that I’ve been plotting. The odds of it turning out wearable are low, but I can’t get it out of my head so I’m going to go for it.

Progress has been slow on my Alice sweater hence the lack of updates. I’ve been averaging three novels a week for my courses and that just eats into my knitting (and blogging) time. I’ve only knit half a sleeve in the past week. Ugh. I’m going to try to at least finish that sleeve this weekend. I’ve got about two weeks left to finish this sweater and write a paper on it. I’m hoping to not be up late weaving ends in the night before it is due.


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