Sweater Update


I’ve got two sleeves and button bands! I just need to get the neck band knit and to do all of that obnoxious finishing work. I’m so close to being done! I’m in the middle of a hat for Britta right now, but as soon as I can finish that, I can finish this! I’m pretty excited to have this sweater to wear when I get back to Lancaster.

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas! Until the end of December, you can get my leopard print beret Stray for 50% off with the code growl on Ravelry. Knit yourself something nice after all of that Christmas knitting.






6 responses to “Sweater Update”

  1. Pretty! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. I can’t stand how freakin’ cute this sweater is. Can’t stand it. It. Is. SO. Cute. 😀

  3. Dude, that coppery color is perfect on you. I’m so glad to see progress on this, and I’m excited you’re so close to the finish line!

  4. It’s beautiful, can’t wait to see the final reveil.
    I’d love to know where you get all your gorgeous dresses from.

    1. My dresses are from all over the place because I’ve been collecting them slowly over years. This particular one is from Trashy Diva. Their website really sucks, but the dresses I have from there are quite nice.

      1. ohhhh thanks for the link. They have some lovely day dresses! If you need a test knitter for your gorgeous cardi you know where I am! 🙂

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