While I did a few posts on handmade decorations, even more have been popping up in my feed reader. There were too many good ideas and clever projects to not share some of them with you.

Rebecca Danger made some adorable Christmas monsters to hang on her tree. These guys are called Holly, Ivy, and Steve.

A lot of great knit decorations have been popping up. The Twisted Knitter made a miniature mitten ornament. I’m of the opinion that everything is cute in miniature form. I’ve also been seeing classic knit stockings like the Haphazard Knitter’s bright and cheerful stocking.

The Student Knitter made this cute yarn snow man. I think this would be a clever way of disguising the fact that I never seem to be able to get all of my yarn stash put away.

On the crochet front we have Attic 24’s colorful crocheted ornaments. She even wrote up a tutorial for them. Rachel of Cornflower Blue used crocheted embellishments to repair and spruce up thriftstore decorations. I think they turned out quite attractive.

Holiday Ornaments!
Katie from Under the Red Umbrella has been hammering out these embroidered felt ornaments for her Etsy shop. I think the mugs are my favorite.

There were some cute felted Christmas trees recently on The Purl Bee. These guys are knit and then felted and embroidered. They look so cuddly!

Over at The Fabled Needle, Jen made some garlands for her tree using bits of vintage wrapping paper. I think this is a great idea for using up bits of awesome wrapping paper that are too oddly shaped to wrap a gift in.

And last but not least is this beaded snow man at I Want to go to Faerie College. Shiny things are a necessity for Christmas decorations.

Have you made any holiday decorations or have you seen any good ones lately? Feel free to leave me some links in the comment section!

Please note that none of these images belong to me. They were used with the kind permission of their owners. Clicking an image will take you to the owner’s blog or Flickr page.


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