One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Instead of being a good little student, I’ve been working on knitting stuff. Yay! I was working on that other one and I reached the cuffs where the lace panel ends. For some strange reason, the lace didn’t match up with the other sleeve. I had an extra half of a repeat. I thought that maybe I had knit too many rows so I counted all the rows on the inner arm on the left sleeve and then I counted all the rows on the inner arm on the left sleeve. That was soooo much fun. They added up the same so I flipped the sleeve over and counted all the short rows. Even more fun! The numbers were still the same. I couldn’t figure out what went wrong. Then I saw this…


I skipped some rows of the lace repeat there. Oops. I’m pretty sure that happened when I was working on the sleeve in the dark during this weeks film screening for Lit and Film. The mistake happened at about the elbow. I had to rip back past all the lower arm shaping to get to it. Gah. I thought about leaving it, but I’m not on a deadline to get it done so I might as well make the sleeves match.






  1. Oh, I hate when this happens! Although ripping it down to the mistake is frustrating, I’m always happy I fixed the oops.

  2. I think I probably would have left it. LOL I’m not a perfectionist and I loathe ripping back! I JUST did a post on having to rip back a half of a sweater. There may have been cursing involved.

  3. oh, I hate it when that happens!! Once, that had happened to me and I didn’t notice until I was wet blocking the finished sweater. yikes. At least you caught it before all that!!

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