It’s essay writing season which means that I get everything that isn’t practical finished really promptly because it’s an excuse to not work on my essays. Today I knit half a sleeve, put together a PDF for this hat pattern, and made a chart for my next big knitting project. In my own defense, the last thing on that list is for Uni. It’s just not due until Lent.


I’m happy to present, as a strange product of procrastination, the pattern for my stranded leopard print beret, Stray. I couldn’t think of what to name the hat for a really long time. I happened to be listening to Stray Cats while I was curling my bangs for the pattern photos and I thought why not? Leopards are cats! My other idea was to call it Panthera after the genus that Leopards are in, but I kept reading that as Pantera. That just didn’t work with the look I was going for.

You can check it out on its page on Ravelry or buy it now.






  1. I think it’s classic and fun at the same time — I’d definitely like to make one, after I finish all my holiday knitting of course!

    (and Stray Cats > Pantera, absolutely!)

  2. Good for you! I got my copy 🙂
    And don’t feel bad about procrastination. I’m reading your blog when I should be working on two papers (both due tonight).

    1. Eek! I hope you get your papers done in time! Mine aren’t due until next week. I’m just stressing out over every little detail because they will be the first papers that I will have graded by English Profs and I’m not sure if they expect the same sort of things as American Profs.

  3. love love love!

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