I didn’t work on this too much when I was in York. I ended up reading 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith mostly. I can’t really recommend it. It’s not bad, but it’s no where nearly as good as The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency so I was a bit disappointed. Despite that, I did get a lot of work done on the cardi this week so I thought I’d share and show you the changes I made. You can see the first try here if you want to compare and contrast.


I changed the lace I used on the sleeves and actually finished knitting a sleeve. I originally had the narrower abstract lace panel on the sleeves. It was too plain. The wider leaves were just too wide, but I had a brilliant idea. The lace panel on the sleeves is a severely modified version of the front panel. It sort of matches because the leaves are knit identically, but they’re arranged differently so it adds some variety to the sweater. I put cuffs on because I like to be able to pull my sleeves over my hands when it is really cold.


I kept the cool side shaping, but I added to the number of stitches in between the front and back shaping so the shaping is more visible. I was really pleased with the way it looks so I wanted to show it off more.


The back is still just as awesome as it was before. It’s just a little wider so the shoulders fit better.


The front is where I made more dramatic changes and I’m much happier with it. Let’s see… I got rid of the narrow lace panel that the front originally had and replaced it with the narrow lace panel from the back. The original panel that was there had a 10 row repeat. All of the other lace panels’ repeats are increments of 4. The 10 row repeat was insanely difficult to keep track of (it didn’t help that the lace pattern was hard to “read”) while everything else matched up quite nicely. I don’t miss it. I moved the narrow panel over a little so it’s not directly next to the armhole. I also moved over the wider lace panel. In the original it went directly down the center of each of my breasts. It looked sort of silly. Moving it made the sweater much more flattering

I’ve got most of a sleeve, button bands, and a neck band left to knit. I’d like to get it done this week, but the end of the term is coming and I should write papers instead. Bleh. I have a feeling that I’ll finish this sweater just in time to go back to California for Christmas where I won’t need a sweater this heavy as badly.


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