Today is my birthday and I received an awesome package from my family with cards and presents. The card from my sister gave me a laugh. It said “The Good News: You’re 21! The Bad News: (she scratched out what it actually said and wrote in) You’re in England! No One Cares!” Some how I think I’ll manage to survive without a stereotypical 21st. I actually don’t know what I will be doing. My flatmates just cryptically said to be ready at 5:30.


Baby alpaca! One of my favorites. It’s insanely soft. I wish you could feel it through the screen. It’s buttery and delightful! There are 500 yards there. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. Maybe I’ll make a hat with matching gloves? Or just really long gloves? Feel free to make fun of me for how often I allege that I’m going to knit myself gloves. Some day it will finally happen!!!


So soft and lovely. It’s a nice rich cream color. I actually already have a hat that matches this yarn. I used it for the ribbing and the body was a matching brushed alpaca.


Underneath the yarn and cards was candy and a massive amount of Scharffen Berger chocolate. Yarn and candy. You just can’t beat that.


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