Look! A sleeve! After my last post about this sweater, I tried to give it a sleeve and it worked out well, but the more I looked at that post, the more I was bothered by the fit of the body. There seemed to be too much negative ease for what my math said there should be. I measured and lo and behold! It was teeny tiny. I either lost gauge when I was knitting or I swatched on 5mm needles and I worked the body in 4.5mm. I’m not sure what happened.


I decided to start over with the gauge I got for the above version of the sweater. I recalculated everything, got cracking, and I think I have like four inches of the body left to knit at the moment. I wasn’t super upset about having to start over because despite how awesome the back is, the lace placement on the front wasn’t doing it for me. There also was one lace panel that was 10 rows long and all of the other panels are increments of 4 so it was a bit confusing to keep track of that. I got rid of it completely which makes the sweater a thousand times easier to knit.

In conclusion, hooray for my first seamless set in sleeve! Boo for having to start over.


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