Oblique + A Year

I’ve been wearing around my Oblique Cardigan a lot lately and it occurred to me that it’s gotten about a years worth of wear by now. I thought it would be fun to do a little update on how my sweater has been doing.


It still has no buttons. I never found the right buttons for it and by now I’ve sort of given up on that quest. I hold it shut like this when it is really cold out but for the most part I just let it hang open.


Like this! I didn’t think I’d have much to wear with it when I quit wearing trousers as much, but I’ve been wearing it a lot with short dresses and skirts. It’s very cozy.


My brain keeps telling me that the sweater has grown a bit longer, only an inch or so, in the past year, but I think it is either just in my head or hanging slightly differently because I’ve lost a bit of weight.


I knit this using Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Yarn is one of those things that you can’t properly judge until you’ve knit something from it and worn it a lot. The yarn kept its vibrant color quite well. It did pill, unfortunately. I tried to get a photo to show you, but I’m not sure if it’s easy to see in the above photo. It doesn’t bug me too much because the sweater is quite casual and it doesn’t detract from the overall look. I thought the pilling would be the worst in the armpits and seat where it gets rubbed the most, but it is actually the worst on the lacey stitch patterns. The moss stitch doesn’t get as large of fluff balls. Despite the pilling, I would definitely knit with this yarn again. It is so warm and soft that I can live with the pilling as long as I pick a project that looks okay with pilling. I wouldn’t make something sleek and sophisticated out of this yarn, but I want to make a slouchy, bumming around, old man cardigan out of it in the future.

Have you ever done a post on how one of your older FOs is doing? I’m going to try to get in the habit of doing it after a year or something like that so I can keep track of how the yarns I use wear.





5 responses to “Oblique + A Year”

  1. That’s such a great idea for a post! It’s interesting to see how the yarn does over a significant amount of time.

    It looks great with that dress, I really like the sweater just slightly shorter than the dress look.

  2. I was just thinking of this yesterday! I wore my Owls sweater for the first time, and it stretched a little. This is a great idea!

    Sweater looks great, btw!

  3. looks like it held up great!! I really love the colour, and it looks great with the dress.

  4. I’m glad you did this post, I’m about to knit a sweater with this yarn and am wondering if I could handle the pilling. It’s moss stitch with cabled stripes. You look great btw, and I love the color of your cardi!

  5. I love your cardigan, lovely colour! it looks good after a year.

    I saw your comment on Izznit’s blog and thought i would have a nosey as i love finding new blogs. I will add you to my reader, i am a bit of a lurker because i am a lot of the time to busy to leave a lot of comments, but i always read people’s posts.

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