I decided to knit my old roommate a hat. She likes steam punk stuff, but she doesn’t wear really feminine things so I doodled out a colorwork chart of gears. If she ever does get into more feminine stuff, I’m going to get crazy with ruffly, girly, lacy, Victorian shit. I love that stuff, but wouldn’t wear it myself.


The motifs didn’t really end up looking like gears, especially the stuff at the bottom, but it ended up as a very handsome hat. I feel like the bottom looks more like faux argyle or something. I think it would look good as an all over pattern.


I’m actually quite keen on this hat even though it’s A) in colors I don’t really wear and B) a beanie. My old roommate really likes earth tones and neutral colors. Not so much my thing. She also struck me as more of beanie person. I hate beanies. They look awkward on me. They mash my hair against my face and neck and give me horrible hat-hair. Despite all that, there is something I really like about this hat.


I knit it up on 3.75mm needles using two balls of Cascade Yarns Bollicine Dolly. I love this yarn. It’s super soft and stretchy. My only beef with it is that it grew a little bit when I washed it. This is why I need to make myself always wash my swatches. The hat was a bit on the short side and fairly fitted. Now it’s deep and not super tight (but not too loose either). The growth wasn’t terrible, but it was a good reminder to always wash my swatches!






  1. I love the hat! I haven’t tried hats with two colors yet. I haven’t found a hat that doesn’t smash my hair and would look good on me. So I usually don’t wear hats even though I like them. I have thought about the Bombadil hat,
    I don’t know if it’s the colors that appeal to me or if it’s that the hat is not a beanie and tight to the head.
    I enjoyed reading your blog.

    1. Berets and tams definitely help avoid hair smashing. You should try making that hat!

  2. I really like your hat! I agree that beanies mash down hair but they are super cute! Would love the pattern if you’re considering writing it up

    1. Thanks! I hadn’t really thought about writing it up. There are some odd looking spots that need work. I’m working on a new sweater pattern right now, but I’ll take a look at my chart again when I’m done with the sweater. I can e-mail you and let you know if I decide to publish a pattern for the hat if you like.

  3. As a beginner knitter, I am totally amazed with this hat! I love the motifs!

  4. Gorgeous hat!! It looks amazing, and the cream colour with that shade of green looks fantastic.

  5. I can’t believe you wrote that pattern! It looks wonderful. I think the colors are great. They are a nice compliment to each other. Will you be publishing the pattern? I’m surprised you don’t like the beanies because they do look great on you!

    1. I think I might publish it once I’m finished working on a sweater pattern. And my hatred of beanies mostly has to do with how I look after I take them off! Haha! They do bad things to my hair.

  6. ALyssa

    I can’t believe you made this. It looks so… professional and well-done.!!!

  7. Amazing! You did such a wonderful job!

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