I got a lot of stuff done while my lappy was gone. I finished this scarf and I finished my sooper sekret knitting twice. Yes, twice. I had to frog and start over after I finished. Luckily it went insanely fast the second time.


My scarf turned out well. I like how bias knits and knits with unusual construction seem to work up faster because they don’t look quite right until they’re done.


It’s the perfect length to tuck into jackets. It’s also cozy, colorful, and soft.


I used less than 3 balls of Crystal Palace Taos yarn and 4.5 mm needles. I cast on 3, increased on each edge until I had 45, and then increased on one edge and decreased on the other until the long side was the length I wanted. After that I decreased on each edge until I was down to 3 again. Simple but interesting.


The only weird thing about this project was how the stripes worked up. All of my yarn alleged that it was from the same dyelot, but I still ended up with three distinct striping patterns. Ball #1 had the first and the second striping patterns. Ball # 2 was only the first striping pattern. Ball #3 was the third striping pattern. I’ve only used this yarn before in one skein projects but I had never run across so many knots and general strangeness as I did with these balls. The scarf isn’t bad looking and the different striping patterns are kind of fun because they’re pretty subtle. I just will be careful if I ever decide to buy this yarn again.


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