The Laptop Returns


I got my laptop back today with my touch pad fixed (yay), but the screen was damaged so I have to send in back tomorrow (boo). It’s a really tiny blip, but I shouldn’t have to suffer it if my laptop is still under warranty. The nice thing is that since it is just a little spot on the screen, I can set up a few posts to publish themselves while my laptop is being repaired (for the third time).

I finally made a decision about the pattern from my last post. I decided that my iffy feelings about how the pattern was priced might taint the project and I was better off knitting something that I didn’t feel weird about. I am knitting Audrey in Unst instead. It was lurking in my queue because I had been planning on knitting it in yellow, but I never found the right yellow in the right yarn. As you can see in the picture above, I just cast on. I’m going to add a few inches of length to the sweater and have less ribbing at the bottom. As is, the pattern has the sweater hitting me at a really awkward spot that will just make my hips look wide. This is why it is good to know your measurements. If/when I find the perfect yellow DK yarn, I will make the sweater a few inches shorter. This time I’m going to make it a few inches longer so it is more like my old grey sweater that needs replacing.







  1. I love this cardigan. I think it will be perfect in grey. I look forward to seeing it. Glad you got your laptop back.

  2. I’ve been knitting Audrey in yellow (since March, haha … it didn’t get any love this summer!). The yarn I’m using is actually fingering weight, so I should really finish it this fall. Have fun though – it’s a fun knit!
    I’ll miss your face on Friday at the first knit night of the year!

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