Header Practice

me illustrated

This has nothing to do with crafty stuff but I want to make myself a new header so I’ve been trying to teach myself how to use Illustrator. Some day I will beat Illustrator in a fight but for the moment it is kicking my ass. I made my old header in Photoshop. I kind of enjoy the softness of rasterized stuff but the resizability of vectors also has its appeal. My lack of skill with Illustrator is driving me crazy because I’m quite good with Photoshop, never mind the fact that I’ve had Illustrator for two months and I’ve been using some version of Photoshop for almost a decade. Minor details.

Anyways, the test round (the above doodle) was a success and I have developed enough skillz to create a new header so expect shiny new changes in the future!

And if you haven’t voted in the poll in my previous post, go do that! Thanks






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