How Do You Prefer to Decrease On Hats?

I admit this is a weird thing to wonder about, but I’m working on two hats at the moment and using both methods of decreasing and I keep wondering which people prefer. If you make hats from the top down, ignore this.


Option 1 is very tidy looking but it creates obvious angles. To me, it looks more skillful. Option 2 is a little less tidy looking and tends to look swirled. It makes a very round shape. I usually am knitting a beret or a slouchier hat so I typically go with #2 because #1 needs a head filling it out to hide the angles.

They both have their problems and their perks. I was wondering if other people have a preference?

How do you prefer to decrease on the crown of a hat?online survey

ETA: Please ignore that superfluous period in my little graphic. And while you’re at it, ignore how crappy that graphic is.






2 responses to “How Do You Prefer to Decrease On Hats?”

  1. I only ever made one hat with the first type of increase and I hated it. If my flatmate didn't want it for herself, I would've ripped it. I thought the paired decreases made it look to bulky at the top, like a chef's hat. I much prefere the invisible single decreases and I don't remember ever noticing any problems with them… (If you want to check out the dreaded hat, it's here: )

  2. I go with paired decreases, myself. However, I think this is a more "classic" look, and maybe the single decreases are more modern?

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