Knitting Bag

I’m getting ready to go to Seattle for the weekend and I thought I’d share the contents of the knitting bag I’m bringing with.


This is my knitting bag. My Aunt Dibsy made it for me for Christmas one year. I love it and its polka dot lining. It has handy patch pockets on the inside. It’s nice and sturdy and big enough to hold everything to knit a sweater and then some. Here is its current contents.


1. My Booky Wook. This actually has nothing to do with knitting. I just forgot it was in the bag from when I went to Alabama and still haven’t finished reading it.
2. A retractable measuring tape.
3. Sticky notes. Always handy for knitting related notes.
4. My knitting sketch book with a pen.
5. Another pen for when I lose the first one.
6. Knitting debris. My knitting bag always has knitting needle wrappers, old ball bands from different projects, and various sticky notes with knitting related things (or shopping lists) written on them.
7. Yarn for my current project.
8. Larger needles for a different part of my current project.
9. Paper clips. Best thing ever. You can use them as stitch markers, as cable needles, or to hold dropped stitches until you’re ready to fix them.
10. Actual knitting. This will be yet another hat for my sister, Britta.
Not shown: I usually have at least one pair of scissors in my bag, but I took them out because I am flying. I also usually have some form of candy in my knitting bag, but I ate the candy (Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers) when I saw Inception for the second time a few nights ago.

I feel that I need to be honest. There usually are way more paper clips and way more knitting debris. I must have cleaned my bag out fairly recently and I think all paper clips are hiding from me. Seriously. I could only find one solitary paper clip in my room and they usually are everywhere. I went to steal some pretty striped paper clips from my sister’s desk but they were gone too! It’s a conspiracy.







  1. LOL @ the Paperclip Conspiracy – get thee to a Paperchase store 🙂

  2. Haha I love the backup pen!

  3. I love nosing in someone else's knitting bag. I have to clean my knitting bag out fairly regularly otherwise it gets too heavy because of all the rubbish. Thank you for the tip with the paper clips and for sharing your knitting bag.

  4. love the bag. it's so cheerful and sunny.

  5. The Other Andipants

    I use a clover yarn cutter pendant. It’s airline security friendly.

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