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This pattern has taken a bit longer (partially due to finals, room remodels and general laziness) to get finished than I expected but I’m at the point where I’m going to need some test knitters. I thought I’d ask here before I asked on Rav. Would anyone like to test knit this pattern? It’s a cropped, seamless, top down raglan with eyelet details and 3/4 sleeves. It’s knit with a cotton wool blend and takes about 3-5 skeins of Cascade Sierra, depending on the size knit. I was thinking of asking for feedback by the 14th of July but I might make the date a bit later.

I’m going to make it available for free and I can’t compensate test knitters. The pattern has three sizes that are based on finished bust sizes. There are 34 inch, 38 inch, and 42 inch busts but the pattern is modeled with 2 inches of negative ease (38 inch size on a 40 inch bust). I’m really hoping that someone would like to test the 42 inch size because it’s the only size that I haven’t knit myself. I’d like to get a variety of test knitters, however, so it doesn’t really matter what size you’d like to knit. The pattern is still in its not-so-pretty stage so it’s just a .doc without the final photographs (because I haven’t shot those). Leave me a comment with your email or shoot me an email at andi.untanglingknots@gmail(dot)com if you’re interested.

Sorry this post is lame and not very entertaining.

ETA: I have enough test knitters now.


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