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Dress: H&M

My sister took my pictures for me today. I suck at having other people take my picture. I either look horrible and awkward because I don’t get to run around to the other side of the camera every couple of pictures and see what I need to fix or I get really bitchy. Today I got bitchy. I should probably just stick to using my tripod and remote.

P.S. How do you deal with short full skirts when it’s bare leg weather? I’m wearing cut offs under my dress so I don’t have to worry about being ladylike.


  • aww you look fine. I tend to find that my photos always look better when I use the tripod and remote too. Although the last shoot I did having my husband photograph me, I told him what to do and where to put the camera and it came out excellently. Usually he rushes and I don't tell him anything but "just take a photo of my whole body and then some closer shots too." I was much more specific the last time. Perhaps you can do that too?? You look great either way!!! I always wear petticoats, or spandex or bloomers of some sort because I really am cautious about what I might show.

  • These photos are good, I kind of prefer taking the pictures myself but I feel less silly when someone else takes them! I agree that unless it's super windy, short full dresses are fine on their own.

  • I normally wear short skirts with little shorts or leggings underneath. I have a couple dresses that are "leggings/tights/shorts only underneath otherwise everyone WILL see your underwear"-dresses.But the shorts normally end up ridding up.. I have not figured this problem out either.

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  • Too cute! Ah, the short full skirt conundrum. I suck at being ladylike. I tend to just try not to flash people. Effort counts, right? It never occurred to me to wear shorts underneath – very smart.

  • Hello Andi, thanks for coming to my blog and commenting, you're very kind!Oh and I found out that you are so so beautiful and have a lovely style! I have the same problem, I take my photos with timer but sometimes my boyfriend or a friend takes it, then I'm just frozen… Not not easy at all!!! Well, and that's why I don't wear full skirts that much!!! I think I should find a good pair of shorts to wear under'!!!

  • love the dress! and yeah, i almost always wear a pair of shorts or short spandex underneath dresses and skirts – you never know when it's going to get really windy, or if you're going to spontaneously frolic through the park on a nice summer day! ๐Ÿ˜€

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