Duct Tape Belt

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve found a lot of old projects while redoing my room. Some just need to go but I’m kind of attached to them. I decided to photograph the projects and then get rid of them. That ways I still have something to be sentimental about but I don’t have clutter.


This is my duct tape belt. I made it when I was a freshman or sophomore in high school by covering a thrift store belt in two different colors of duct tape and images that I covered with packing tape. I guess I didn’t really make anything but I decorated this plain belt. I loved this belt for a long time. I thought it was really cool and edgy. Ha! Unfortunately, 100+ temperatures and a jaunt through the sprinklers killed the glue in the duct tape and caused the images to run. I kept the belt despite that. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Here is a rundown of the things that I loved enough to wear them everyday.


We have here part of a skull and cross bones that I designed to screen print on a t-shirt (I think I got rid of that shirt or it’s in my bag of projects to photograph and toss), OK Go, and the Cheshire cat.


Next on the belt is the Used, Dr. Frank -N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show, and part of a comic that I drew.


Here is the comic bit again, the cast of Jackass dressed as cheerleaders, and the lead singer of the band HIM.


At the end we have a completely washed out picture that used to by Johnny Depp, the lead singer of HIM again, and the parrot from Peter Pan.

The stuff I stuck on this belt is so totally random. It cracks me up. Feel free to use your judging eyes on my high school taste. Some of it is overly 15-year-old. =P






  1. What an awesome DIY. Love that belt.

  2. Love it, another cool thing to make with duct tape is wallets.

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