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I found these pants when I was working on my room. I bought them at H&M four or five years ago. I didn’t wear them much because I never could figure out what to wear them with. I wore them to a few shows but I mostly wore these pants as costumes. I woke up this morning and decided that I wanted to wear them with this shirt. Unfortunately I couldn’t find that shirt. I’m hoping that it wasn’t a casualty of moving and shows up soon. I just threw on a t-shirt but later today I decided to try coming up with some outfits to wear these pants with.

Option 1: This is what I wore for most of the day. It’s a little too high school for me. I used to always wear tight pants and band t-shirts when I was that age. I put on my black cardigan when the weather cooled down and it looks a lot better that way.
Option 2: It’s pretty simple but it’s wearable for the summer. When I put it on I felt like I should be going to a Secretions show or something in this outfit but seeing the pictures now, it doesn’t look overly punk to me.
Option 3: This was way too warm for summer. It’s a look that I could wear in WA, though. I like touch of yellow so that it’s not only black, white, grey, and red. That’s one of the problems with these pants. My outfits always look so White Stripes-y to me.
Option 4: Sorry for blinding you with this one. I mostly put it on to see if the shirt I can’t find would look okay because it is also a button down. The pattern clashing here is actually growing on me.

In conclusion, these pants are hard to wear. I’m trying to decide if I should let them go or not. Feel free to offer opinions. I won’t be offended if you say they’re hideous and should be burned.


  • no, don't get rid of these pants! you don't make them look hard to wear at all. and though all the options look very good on you, I especially like 2 and 3.

  • I opt for keeping the pants :]. While they might be harder to wear and not 'practical' versatility-wise, I think it's always fun to have at least a few pieces that are more unique. I like the 3rd outfit the most—I would definitely wear these pants with a black sweater to tone them down a bit. But that's me personally!

  • I love punk looks so options one and two are my favourite! I would be stumped on how to style those pants… they're so good but so… patterned!

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