Painting Progress


We’re almost done painting my room. I need to paint the closet and my mom is going to do touch ups around the molding. I’m hoping to be moved into my room by next week.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I last updated. This whole having-no-desk-while-everything-is-in-boxes-and-being-in-the-guest-bedroom thing is really messing with my productivity. I haven’t been getting any knitting done. I still read my blog feed but I haven’t been commenting because typing is awkward when you have your laptop actually on your lap. I meant to have my cardigan pattern finished by now so that I could get test knitters, but I haven’t sat down and fixed the math errors and added the stuff that I just plain old left out. I need a work space!






  1. I am deeply jealous of your skirting board!

  2. I love that color!

  3. These colours look awesome, fresh and remind me of spring and summer! 🙂

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