I’ve been trying to draw a bit more because my knitting design sketches have been looking a bit dodgy for the last year or so. I figured that the reason why those suck is that I never draw for fun anymore. I was going to try to make myself draw something at least once a week but with finals coming up, that plan kind of already died. Here are the drawings that I did manage to do. Instead of working on my research paper, I scanned them in and gave them a quick coloring on Photoshop.


I was feeling the Victorian’s when I drew this because I had just gone over the courses that I’m hopefully going to take when I’m at Lancaster. I love me some Victorian Lit. This is the only drawing that I did before 1 A.M. on a Friday or Saturday so it’s really the only one that I can say anything about. I have no idea what I was thinking of when I drew the others. Anyways, this is how I tend to draw. Cartoony and exaggerated. I have drawings from middle school that look pretty damn similar in style to this one.




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